I agree, Sharon. In organizations I have worked in, I have had the pleasure of feeling that there is that safe space where I can make suggestions and bring up new ideas to improve our workplace and it makes me feel like I am able to make a positive difference.

One way that I have inspired my colleagues is by encouraging camaraderie and teamwork among our staff. By being a team player, offering a helping hand, and promoting a team work, I feel that our workplace has slowly become more enjoyable, and even more manageable in the toughest of scenarios we find ourselves in. Even something as simple as how I respond when someone thanks me for assisting them. I often say something like “It’s all about the teamwork” or “I know you’d do the same for me, no need to thank me.”. I feel that this helps inspire others to offer a hand, and I believe it’s those little interactions that help build that sense of togetherness.