Hello Everyone!

My name is Norma Tomlin and I am happy to be facilitating Leadership 4 Optimizing the scope of RPNs.
I have been an RPN for 29 years and am happy to be representing RPNs at WeRPN as the Professional Practice Coordinator. In my role I get calls/emails on a regular bases from nurses who are both in leadership and at the point of care asking about what an RPN can and can not do within their scope. As you will all learn through this course to truly optimize RPNs one must have the knowledge and understanding about the roles of RPNs and the framework to know how to optimize and utilize RPNs in today’s healthcare system. Never before has it been so important that all the skill knowledge and judgement that nurses be fully maximized to meet the growing demand of our system. I look forward to supporting you all in your learning of this very important topic.

I bit more about me while not working full-time at the association I am the mother of 3 sons 19, 16, 14 as well as I am an undergrad student at Ryerson University in the BHA program and am taking my last 2 courses this term, very excited about this! So a very busy life like most of you.

On that note let the learning begin!
Norma Tomlin RPN