1. What are some examples of different types of policies that affect nursing in Canada?

Some of the different types of policies that affect how we nurse in Cananda are CNO policy how nurses are governed ,hospital the policies that hospitals use to govern their employees , union policies that are put in place for the good of the people,ministry of health policies.

2. Would you consider yourself a “politically asute” nurse?

I have a strong understanding of the policies that are in place at my work place and why we have them. I have a general knowledge of policies at the municipal, provincial, and federal level.

3. What are some ways in which nurses can become active in policy as advocates ?

As a nurse if we notice common problems that affects our clients at the workplace there are things we can do to advocate for them to help bring change, ie talk to the doctor ,or nurse manger about their concerns. If we want to impliment change in the community we can develop strategies like lobbying polititians make them aware of what is happening in the community. Involve those that are directly affected create public support, ie community meetings, flyers and information packages.