Amy- Marie

1) What are some examples of the different types of policies that affect nursing in Canada?
Policies that affect nursing in Canada include the College of Nursing standards Policy. Nurses need to ensure that they are following their standard of practice as that is a bible or do’s and don’t for the most part. There are also the policies in which we follow within our workplace. The CNO can provide an overview of what we can and can not do, but then the policy of the organization that we work for can then decide to expand what we can and can not do. Lastly, some organizations may have unions that will govern the employee.
2) Would you consider yourself a “politically astute” nurse?

I am aware of the policies that govern safe nursing practice. I wouldn’t say that I know them like the back of my hand. However, if there are ever questions in the back of my mind regarding my best practice guidelines for nursing, I would look them up before doing anything that I question.
I often refer back to the policies of the hospital that I work for as they are often changing and it’s not a bad thing to really understand those.
As for government policy- those I don’t keep up on as they are not something I use in my daily work life.
I would say that I am a “politically astute” nurse when it comes to knowing my policies while working and if I ever question something I always try and find out the answers before proceeding.

3) What are some ways in which nurses can become active in policy as advocates?
A professional nursing organization like the RPNAO or the CNO. The CNO may have lobbyists that bring nursing issues to capitol hill- like during COVID- 19 there was some lobbying taking place to cancel Bill 124. Having a big voice with unions in the workplace also helps to be active with policies within the workplace.
Collaborating with other members of the health care team members and push for change.
Involving those who are directly affected by issues that are happening. Providing information to the community and making them informed- helps drive for change and it advocates for the community.