Why does the education have to be completed in the USA.I find that when they use LPN tile I make sure that reread to be sure that they are talking about RPNs as well. I find that with COVID-19 the RPN scope has expanded in many ways. I think that the RPN should be made clear on the education side of things. However in saying that when you go to your employer they might have RPN skill set that may require you to learn more skills. I always take a course when I can to keep learning and updated my skills whenever possible. I think with RNs and MDs should be updated on the new outline of the RPN course. When I was reading about the focus group I was a little upset to see that only 20% was long term care. That is where the RPNs, PSWs and RNs are needed the most. When I went into nursing the thing I liked about it was the team work, however there is a thing where nurses eat their young. Why is that? I believe that if you have leadership skills use them.