While I find it quite difficult to choose only 1 trait as being the ‘most’ important I would say being Adaptable to Situations is high up there for me. During the pandemic, especially the earlier months, things were constantly changing in LTC. Our LTC in the early days luckily only ever had 1 positive testing resident so we were not impacted like many others. I feel I led my team well with acknowledging fears and the frustrations of ever changing policies but also focusing on the positive and making light in these dark times often with positivity and humour. I led by example and showed that yes change can be scary but adapting does not have to be a bad thing. By adapting we ourselves grew. We became a stronger team who worked together in all departments whether it was nursing, dietary, housekeeping or recreation. Like everywhere we were still severely impacted by the healthcare shortage – I can recall many days where only myself, 1 other team member, and agency team members who were not familiar with my neighbourhood were together. We adapted and continued to provide the best care we could for our residents and their loved ones.