Hello everyone, hope it has been a good start to the week! My name is Prabhjot (PJ) and I am currently living in St. Thomas, ON. My background has been in Palliative Care for almost 18+ years and it has been the most fulfilling and purposeful work in my life so far. I am starting a new position as the Assistant Director of Resident Care at our Hospice in London and concurrently working as a RPN on a Palliative Care Unit. I am most looking forward to gaining insight and some valuable tools to help navigate this new position and expand my career path. No time like your mid 40’s for a career change or expansion!

Outside of work, I love traveling and exploring new areas. I surprised my husband with an Alaskan Cruise for his 40th Birthday this July so it has given us some motivation and something to look forward to! I’m attempting some gardening, which has been quite therapeutic, but challenging. Thank goodness for YouTube and experienced neighbours and friends!