I do believe there is a difference between leaders and managers. With my experience from working in a nursing home, managers attack the broader spectrum of issues whereas leaders are at the forefront of these situations. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a great leader who served as my RN. She was patient, approachable, tactful, unbiased and decisive. When the staff presented an issue before her, she would listen to the side of everyone, help discuss our differences and allow the staff come to a reasonable solution. I find that a manager only seeks the greater good sometimes without having the time to listen to everyone.
Aside conflict resolution, leaders also seek to explore interventions that’ll help provide patient-centred care to the residents. As a supervisor/leader, my staff reported to be that one of the residents who is at high risks for falls disliked his hip protector. the resident complained of it being too uncomfortable and it would cause him to be restless and agitated. While discontinuing the use of hip protectors was not safe, I suggested the resident to be moved to a room closer to the nursing station so at least he can be monitored more often rather than him having a room in the back. Manager would seek to not have a fall with a fracture and could assume current fall interventions such as hip protectors were effective.