I strongly believe being decisive is an essential characteristic every leader must posses. From experience with working with both a decisive and an indecisive leader, I firmly believe this trait is important. With a decisive leader, we were able to solve issues immediately which gave me peace of mind after completing my shift; feeling I had done what was right. With an indecisive leader, who leave work thinking if you should or shouldn’t have done something.
An example is when my decisive leader explained to a family member who’s mother was dying that with palliative care, oxygen therapy can’t be applied however pain management was the goal at this stage. Without ignoring the concern for SOB, my leader also informed the family that scopolamine injection had been ordered to help clear secretions.
With an indecisive leader, she was unable to properly explain the goal and meaning of palliative care to the family member. She thought of it as it being better to please the family by adhering to their request than sticking to the policy regarding palliative care. This situation made my job difficult because I was torn between two parts. Me knowing what palliative care meant however not being able to carry it out as my leader whom I’m expected to follow thinks otherwise.