I do believe there is a difference between leaders and managers. In my experience, though most of the managers I have had have many strong leadership traits, some of the strongest leaders I have worked with have not been a Manager. In my Telehealth role for example, I had a Supervisor (RN) and a Manager that I would report to in different capacities. For example- I would report to my Supervisor daily; they were my first point of contact for daily shift issues that would arise, and for any support or guidance needed with daily shift routines- the Supervisor was thus more “front line” just as I was in my position, but had different responsibilities. My Manager however, I would have less contact with them (not every shift)- but they were my next point of contact if an issue could not be solved by a Supervisor, or if I had a question/concern that was beyond what my Supervisor’s scope and required the knowledge/authority of my Manager. In this way, I viewed my RN Supervisor as a leader; their experience and knowledge would be able to support and guide me on the “front lines” rooted in their previous experience of my role. Where as a Manager was the authoritative figure who I would turn to for more administrative or policy related questions/concerns- or “bigger picture” issues. For example, there was an instance that I noticed one of our Standards of Procedure documents in our Telehealth Platform had one point in it that was unclear and could possibly lead to errors by the Telehealth team. I reached out to my Supervisor first with the concern, and collaborated with them to gather the necessary data and feedback to show that this may indeed be an issue for the Telehealth providers. Once the data was collected, I was able to present the findings to my Manager and evoke a change with the Standards of Procedure document to rectify the issue. In this example, the leader was someone who was more accessible and able to understand how the policy could effect daily procedures, and had the means and time to help me find the data I would need to support my finding. Where as my manager ultimately held the administrative authority to revisit the procedural document and implement the change. Both the leader and the manager were helpful in this situation, just differently.