I believe that one of the most important characteristics of a leader is one who is adaptable to change. Many times, I feel that I personally reach out to a leader most when I am faced with a situation that is new or unfamiliar, and so it is helpful to work with a leader who regardless of whether they have personally dealt with said issue before in their experience, is still able to adapt and react accordingly to achieve the desired outcome. This is also a skill that I believe has been vital in my own practice in every role I’ve had thus far, but especially the ones where I have been a leader. One of many examples of this is when I had 2 new admissions that arrived at the same time during a meal time (high traffic time in the home) at the beginning of the pandemic in the Assisted Living home I was working for, and both of these new residents were high-falls risks and required ++ assistance with mobility. During that time, there were very strict restrictions on how many residents could move in/out at one time due to infection control practices (ex. Only 2 people allowed in the elevator at a time, limit on # of movers allowed into the home at one time) and safe distancing protocols, and a shortage of PSW staff to assist the residents at a time when their families were not permitted to enter the residence. In that moment, I both relied on my Manager as a leader in that moment, but also had to lead my team of PSWs that shift to ensure both admissions occurred smoothly and safely. There were many moving parts, but with quick thinking, brainstorming, delegating, and effectively communicating between the team, we were able to adapt to the quick changes that were occurring to our normal shift routines, and successfully admit both residents safely at the same time.