Hi Jen, I definitely agree with you about how important it is for a leader to be decisive. When we have a leader that is decisive, I think it shows that the leader has a certain degree of confidence in their decisions and that in turn, gives us confidence in following their lead. This allows us to have a smoother shift and be confident in our decisions when we leave our shift as well. In the situation you talked about, I would have had the same dilemma if I did not have a leader that could intervene and advocate for what the care plan goals and desired outcomes are for the patient at that time, and have the decisive quality to their character to help the patient/patient’s family understand the basis of the decision being discussed. When I worked in Assisted Living, I also had many experiences where I observed a decisive leader step in and advocate particularly for residents who were at high risk for falls and required extra care services that sometimes the POA/family of the resident did not agree with, or were not quite ready to accept. Being able to observe a leader in how they handled these situations showed me how being decisive instilled confidence in the patient, family, and care providers involved in the situation and that this was something I definitely wanted to incorporate in my own practice.