I feel ” adaptable to situations” is the strongest suite. As we all know Covid changed everything and the way we managed our work load. Ongoing restrictions, uncertainty about our futures, not only as health care workers, but as people! When the pandemic became apparent to my husband and I that it was actually a situation we had several very very difficult discussions regarding whether or not I would/should continue working in my field.
My husband was in the throws of health issues, and I am a nurse in a nursing home.
He wanted me to quit, but I simply could not. He was concerned about me and him and the “what if” of getting Covid. I simply could not abandon, not only my residents, but my co workers. My people, my staff, who were just as afraid as I was. I adapted to my new normal because I had to, without question. I recall many difficult conversations with some of my very scared staff and together we agreed that we would be OK if we followed the protocols and did what was asked of us and it would be fine. We rocked it!!! They rocked it! We are still here and still adapting to the changes handed down, and now it is just another day and we are as strong as ever.