I agree, it is very hard to pick just one, and everyone has some amazing points for their claim, however I am going with, “Willing to accept responsibility”. By accepting responsibility for their own mistakes and those of others, followers recognize that even the leaders are not perfect and are willing to grow and change. By recognizing their own faults and taking responsibility when things don’t go as planned, followers tend to see them as someone to look up to, and see those roles as more attainable for themselves as well. We are becoming a more ethically-conscious world, with younger generations regarding ethics and values within companies higher than salary. I recently read a studies that pointed to young people wanting to work at ethical and responsible organizations that make a difference and care about the impact they have on their employees and the world.
Accepting responsibility is crucial for success, it helps you work through your mistakes without regret, guilt or shame. Followers see this as strength in your character, in turn wanting to emulate your actions.
As a leader if you are constantly pointing the finger at someone else, it creates a significant negative impact, others will be less likely to want to work with you, resenting your apathetic attitude and unwillingness to change.