I truly believe that it is different between leaders and managers. The difference between leaders and managers is that leaders have people follow them to work while managers have people who work for them. With my experience as RPN position. As my position, I have to report any concerns that happen to resident to supervisor who is the leader. This way the supervisor can assist me to solve the problem and improve health condition or any concerns that is benefit to the resident. However, if supervisor cannot solve this problem, I will go to consult with the manager. For example, one of the resident will get mad and angry when staffs provide the care because if pain. However,resident does not believe in pain medication due to her culture.
Therefore, I bring this problem to the supervisor/ leader, and we have meeting with the resident. As a result, we come up with Non-pharmacological pain management and this helps the resident to relieve pain. Then, problem has been solved after the meeting. Therefore, leaders and mangagers is important, but there is in different role.