I also believe there is a difference between a Manager and a Leader. While reading all the posts and examples, it’s evident that our experiences with both have shaped the way we provide care and collaborate with our colleagues.

I worked with VON for over 10+ years providing palliative care to clients in their homes and assisting with their transition to hospital or hospice care. Many times as a team we were faced with challenges on how to navigate the care at home and the supports needed. There is a framework in place that allowed us access to these resources, but often we would have to be creative in adapting to a client’s environment. We had to be the advocate and ensure that the client’s needs and goals were met first. The key was to communicate any changes we would see during a home visit and ensure that whoever was on call that night was aware of potential issues or crises that may occur. We developed our own “reporting off” system that was adopted by the management team so that there was some accountability for all the care providers in the home. It was a collaborative effort that allowed us to mentor new staff and set a standard of care going forward.