Hi Everyone. I am Francine, your facilitator for this course. I really enjoyed reading your discussion posts and encourage you to continue to engage in discussion with one another. I am looking forward to facilitating this course for you.

My email is fgeorgopoulos@werpn.com

I will also follow up with an email and I would also love it if you all would post an introduction about yourselves and your background.

A little bit about me:

I am an RPN who graduated in 2009. I have worked at the bedside in a number of roles such as LTC, Complex Continuing Care and Mental Health. I have held leadership positions in LTC as a Quality Improvement Lead, Manager of Clinical Informatics and Assistant Director of Care. I have held a Director of Health and Wellness Position in Retirement and a committee position at the CNO. I am currently a Professional Practice Associate at WeRPN and part of my role here is to facilitate these online courses we provide.

I would love to learn a little bit about you all !