I had a resident that was brought to the dining room in a wheelchair one morning. Typically ambulated with a walker. I asked my staff why, and they said he “felt tired”. I carried on my routine but kept a watchful eye on him. He ate poorly, kept his head down. I asked him if he was OK, and he stated “yes”.
When he was taken back to his room I got my vitals kit and went to see him. As I was just chatting with him I completed my vitals and then a chest assessment. I could not hear any lung sounds on one side. I rechecked then second guessed myself so I called a senior nurse. She completed her assessment and stated she could hear lung sounds. I rechecked and could not. So during our discussion I stated that I knew this resident’s POA would want me to send him to ER based his co morbidities and my concern at his change of status. The senior nurse trusted my instinct and I sent him. Turns out I was right and it saved his life.