When working in a RH about 10 years ago, they wanted to introduce Med-Techs – these were PSWs trained by our company in medication administration with the goal of leadership being to lessen some of the work-load of the RPNs while also having an additional PSW body on the floor once medications were completed. As you can imagine there was a wide variety of responses to this announcement. While I was reading the 5 Followership Patterns this example came to my mind as I can remember seeing all 5 types as responses. At that time I feel I fell somewhere between a Survivor and an Effective Follower. With this change, the RPNs now were responsible for overseeing double the amount of patients we had previously while also acting as a leader for the PSWs who were new to dispensing medications. Over the next 6 months or so of this change I could feel myself moving into the effective follower role for leadership but also becoming a stronger leader amongst the newly trained Med-Techs. I was becoming more assertive and proactively challenging some areas that needed improvement for the best patient care – something that was scary for me to do but also gained me respect and trust with the Med-Techs. Looking back this was definitely a time of personal growth for me.