I believe honesty is a leadership characteristic that is very important in a leader. I believe a leader that is honest is also synonymous with a leader that is trustworthy and reliable and I think this is a very important foundation for a leader/followership relationship. I can recall many specific examples of when I have worked with a leader that was honest about a particular issue, but one example particularly comes to mind and that was one that I experienced at the beginning of the pandemic. At a time when uncertainty was at an all time high, I remember having a very open conversation with my leader in the Assisted Living home I worked in at the time. Having worked on the Infection Control Committee in the home, I was well-aware of our supply numbers for PPE at that particular time and also knew the reality of shortages we were facing provincially and federally in that moment. When I spoke to my leader about what the worst case scenario would look like for us as care providers in this home, and how we could realistically keep everyone safe and what the company is able to support us with- my leader was very open, honest, and transparent about their current numbers of PPE company wide, what was being resourced, and what other methods and contingency plans the company was actively working on and where they were facing trouble. Though the situation was dire, I appreciated the transparency of the leader because this allowed for us to brainstorm and formulate solutions that were realistic as an Infection Control Commitee. It saves time and unnecessary worry and panic if we at least know a honest baseline of the issue at hand.