One of the most important characteristics that resonates with me is a leader who is competent.

The field of Palliative Care is a specialty on its own and to provide leadership in this area is to understand the core values and principles. Nursing work on a unit such as this is not just about administering medication and performing a bed bath. It involves a wholistic approach that could include family, friends and anyone else that the patient feels is part of their circle. It’s the experience and humble life lessons that provide insight into how compassion and symptom management are intertwined. When we are short staffed or the unit has a high acuity, our Leader is able to put on some scrubs and jump in where needed. She could be wearing the hat of a social worker who just needs to listen or comfort family when a patient’s condition has changed suddenly. She is able to do what she preaches. Team work makes the dream work. This could also be seen an inspiring and showing support to her team that they are not alone.