I feel that competent leader is the most important for me. Competence provide me the confidence to become the good leader. When it combines with other skills such as communication and emotional intelligence, I can continue to grow as a good leader. For example, one of the resident’s family refuses to check for rapid test before visiting the resident . I explained to the family that he needs to check it before entering the building in order to protect his family and other residents as per protocol and prolicies. He is so mad and he states that has no sign and symptom of Covid. Then, I wait until he finishes talking and he is calm, and then I explain to him he needs to check for rapid test because it will protect his family and the other residents from this pandemic. As a result, he understands , and follow my workplace protocol. From this example, I use active listening skill to assist me to understand the family and I am able to explain to the family effectively that is based on my knowledge as a leader.