One situation that I can recall more recently that exemplifies when I have “followed” and by doing so showed leadership is when I was working in an Assisted Living home and our Wellness Manager (Nursing Manager) left their position and there was quite a long time where the home did not have a Nursing Manager. During that time, the General Manager of the home stepped in and worked as our acting Manager, but because they were not a nurse, the RPN staff managed their nursing duties themselves and reached out to Nursing Managers at “sister” Retirement homes if need be. During this time, our team of 6 RPNs worked together to get through this time, and followed the lead of our General Manager to continue forward with company care policies, but we also did not shy away from speaking up and voicing our concerns where we saw fit. It seems we understood our power and worked together to minimize as potential issues we could face without a nursing manager. Looking back, I recall now that the PSW staff that were a part of our Wellness Team must’ve looked to us as leaders in that time of uncertainty and changes more so than ever as well. We all understood the value of a leader together at that time and worked together to manage ourselves and stay focused on ensuring we continued to achieve our residents’ care goals.