I agree with all of these posts and they all have very valid and relevant points, again it’s hard to pick just one and I do believe that being adaptable is one of the most important traits. As most of the posts have stated, COVID has taught us so much about being adaptable to constantly changing work environments. As a Palliative Care Nurse, the visiting policies had a huge effect on our unit as telling a family whose loved one was dying that we only allowed limited number of visitors caused a lot of upset. Given the sensitive nature of our unit our Manager, Charge Nurse and Physicians would assess each case in conjunction with the Primary Nurse to determine approximately how imminent death was, family dynamics (i.e.: spouse, number of children, parents etc.) how many people family hoped could come say their good byes vs what was reasonable given the policy states only 2 people, and from there they would customize a visitation routine that worked for the family and the policies of the hospital.