It is really hard to choose one trait as the most important one. Comparatively, I think tolerant to stress is a key and basic characteristic which is essencial in contributing to exellent leadership. Leaders are usually assumed to be more energetic and dependable, take more responsibilities, demonstrate outstanding coping strategies in crisis management, etc. As a result, a leader will experience more stress than anyone else in the team. Especially during the pandemic, leaders would face more challenges and difficult situations. How to handle a fair amount of stress without losing control could be a very critical issue. And the ability to thrive in stressful situations would be a significant competence we need to develop. I have experienced many difficult situations in the past decades not only in my nursing career but also in my personal life. I feel that every time when I get rid of a difficult ituation, that is beacause I can handle the stress very well. And all the failures I have ever had are all related to unsuccessful stress coping skills, which means I feel overwhelmed and want to give up. Accordingly, in my perspective, tolerant to tress is an imperative trait in leadership.