An example that comes to mind of a time I followed that in turn showed leadership was when I challenged a job posting at my organization. A couple of years ago a job posting was put up looking for applications for the MAID team but it was only for RN’s. I showed I was an effective follower by speaking up to the right people and challenging the posting by referring to the CNO standard regarding MAID and it’s inclusion of RPN’s in this role. In doing this I demonstrated I was willing to take risks, and that I was committed to a higher purpose (that being the advancement of RPN’s into new areas) and that I could proactively challenge decisions. This also showed leadership in that I modeled the way for other RPN’s who want to advance their roles within the organization by setting an example and inspiring a shared vision, it also showed I was willing to challenge the process. In the end the posting was removed and then reposted for both RN and RPN’s, in doing that, when my fellow RPN’s found out it inspired others to push for other changes. I’m also happy to report I did get the job.