To me, one leadership characteristic important to a leader is honesty. Honesty is more complex than just not lying; its commitment to knowing and understanding the truth, speaking the truth, and leading from the truth. Honesty is how we build trust and trust is necessary when seeking to work successfully with others. An honest leader should be someone reasonable, listening and understanding both sides of a conflict and without being impartial make a fair judgement. My former leader was not quite honest. She made it difficult for some of her followers to go to her. She had people she did not want to wrong even if the situation was not favouring them. For that reason, she hurt most of her followers who she’ll wrongfully accuse as being responsible for a problem.
Equally I have had some great experiences with other leaders who were honest. They listened to everyone and without a thought of hurting the feelings of some made reasonable decisions. Mind you, some decisions affected me but I viewed it in a broader spectrum and applauded them for being true at least.