At my present job in a long term care, I work with 4 staff on my unit and have an RN supervisor. I follow my RNs instructions and educate the other staff on it. One thing I love to do is to seek opportunities from my leader. As RPNs in a LTC, skills experience may be limited and is normally left for the RNs to do such. When my RN is tasked with such skills opportunity like inserting an IV or a catheter, I take initiative and ask if I can do it with her supervision. Also, I ask her for the chance to provide vital information to paramedics when we have to transfer a resident to the hospital. Standing next to me, I answer all questions the paramedics have about the resident being transferred to the hospital. From her instructions also, I learn a lot which I can use in my future. Like the reading put it, building on my strength. I gladly seek out any advice or opportunities in order for me to expand myself and skills. In so doing, my 4 staff look to me and admire me for taking on a role of our leader. So in following, I see it as me showing leadership. Often times, followers are seen as “blindly following” without any autonomy but it is followers who make leader.