One thing that I showed leadership as an effective follower happened in the first year of my nursing study. It was the end of my first year of my nursing study. We went to a LTC to pratice PSW skills. I was assigned to a PSW. She worked very hard, but someimes she was not a very good-tempered person. One day she had a conflict with the patient, since the patient did not cooperate with her during the care. It seemed she was going to lose her temper very soon. I immdediately approached to her gently and calmed her down, and proposed to offer the care by myself under her supervision. She agreed . Then I tried my best to communicate with patient, and finally we finish the task very well. She was very glad and gave very good comments on me. This was a very happy experience. Leaders are also human beings, they are not super heroes. They had their weakness and could make mistakes when under too much stress. We need to have courage and skill to give suggestions to help resolve the problems.