I have to admit to not always following the 4 moments. I struggle to remember moment 1 before entering the environment. We are told in our facility that it is not a miss if you don’t HH before entering a room so long as you don’t physically interact with the environment. I tend to do this when answering a call bell, the patient need is many times because they require medication, so the interaction with the environment doesnt happen until the med is given. But when the interaction requires an interaction with the patient, I forget that I had not used HH sometimes. Best practice would be to always do HH before, then it is not an issue. I have seen an increase in visitors using HH since COVID, but it hardly ever happened before.

With now having screeners at entrances, everyone who enters the hospital is at least required to HH before coming into the facility, which can help break the chain from the community. I would like to see this practice continue where there is someone at the door to ensure HH happens. Volunteers can help fill these roles.