As I read through the 4 communication styles I realized I have changed mine with my current role. From 2008 – Sep 2021 I worked as a lead RPN both in Retirement and LTC. In this role my communication technique was the doer. Each day would have a long list of tasks to be accomplished in a tight window of time. I liked that feeling of checking items off a list knowing I achieved the goals I had set out for the day. Many physicians I have worked with also had this way of thinking so I was always prepared with the information needed and was ready to act on orders.

Fast forward to my current role with the Memory Clinic. In this role which I began in Sep 2021 I work closely with a multidisciplinary team consisting of pharmacy, nursing, social work, OT and physician. We see 6 patients a day and continue to follow them to monitor for changes in cognition. On my 1st week in this role I was calling patients/their families to notify of upcoming MRI appointments – when speaking with the daughter of one patient well known to the team she advised that they were in a time of transition and the patient was currently living 3hrs away with the daughter for safety until they could find alternative living (ie retirement or LTC). The daughter politely advised that she would like the MRI cancelled. I went ahead and did this for them using the doer mindset of completing a task. When informing the team of this I was surprised to see they were disappointed I had acted so quickly in cancelling this appointment. I wish I had been aware of these communication styles at that time as I now realize it is because in this role most of the team are dominant thinkers/feelers due to the nature of our roles. We are not working under the same time constraints as LTC/RH and I myself over time have become much more of a balance between thinker/doer.