I absolutely agree that as nurses we learn (and teach) by sharing stories. Personally, I value firsthand stories the most. Like Tonia stated, unfortunately its often those ‘what not to do’ stories but they do help others not make / repeat errors of the past. Whenever I would train nurses on the secure (dementia) neighbourhood many would give me attitude (or act like I was paranoid) when I stressed the importance of never leaving medications with a resident – this means being within arms reach at all times. I would often get the response ‘well i can see them and still prepare someone else’s medications from the cart’ so I would then share the following: Back when we first opened the neighbourhood it was crazy. We were at about 75% capacity with 2 move-ins daily so we were not only getting to know all these new residents but also adding more daily and all the additional assessments/documentation that went along with new move-ins. I had asked a PSW to remain with 1 resident while she was drinking her medications in hot chocolate as I had to step away for a move in who had just arrived. This woman would not take medications any other way and took quite some time to drink her drink. The PSW turned her back for 20 seconds to get up from the couch and grab the TV remote. In that short time this resident handed her drink with medications to the resident beside her. Luckily this person did not take a sip and all was well. Had an incident occurred I would have been the one at fault and not the PSW. I share this story in those situations to show just how quickly things can happen and that I made the incorrect choice leaving medications even with PSW supervision as ultimately the nurse is the one responsible. Unfortunately, we did experience a few medication errors from nurses continuing to believe if the medication was in eyesight all would be well….2 of these nurses did come to me afterwards as part of their reflections and acknowledged the importance of why I shared this story as they still were shocked at how quickly this could happen.