I believe myself to be both a doer and thinker. However, delving deep, I’m more of a thinker. Although I love straight forward conversations, ideas or plans and staying on course, I like to know facts and details. Without being rushed, I need time to think through whatever proposal is before me prior to deciding. I need to careful sort out plans and any backup ideas in case the initial plan does not go as expected. I enjoy taking my time, being open minded, carefully assessing all approaches and ideas especially when shared verbally.
As a thinker, I need to know every single detail no matter how small. A staff once reported to me that a resident had a fall with in his room with his wife. I did not think the staff spoke clearly to my understanding as I would consider him a feeler. He panicked as he explained what happens and I felt he was all over the place with his explanation. We both had to take a break, sit down and draw a timeline from start to finish with the help of another staff witness before he and I were able to get on the same page as the story. With Thai experience, I learnt that even know I wanted to know the facts and details quickly, I had to lay back and allow him express himself the best way he could. The help of the other witness was also helpful as she served as a medium for both parties to get their point across.