Nurses learn from sharing stories whether official, invented/adapted, firsthand experiential, secondhand or culturally common. I personally like hearing or telling firsthand experiential stories because they are my own stories or are told by people close to me which makes me think I can easily experience the same thing. I was told a story by one of my staff. He told me a story about why he always goes back to ensure he put hip protectors on residents who were supposed to wear them. At the end of every shift, he would review the fall prevention interventions. I asked why he always did that even though he has been on the team for long. He said sometime ago he had a gut feeling to check the falls interventions list because he wasn’t sure he put a hip protector on a particular resident. So he checked and went back to see the resident. Realizing he did not put one on for her, he immediately applied the hip protector. That night after his shift, he said the resident had a fall and was sent to the hospital. Had he not followed his instincts and the resident had a fall, he would’ve been in trouble for not adhering to the falls prevention interventions. His story inspired me and forced me to always check on my residents before leaving the unit after my shift is completed. I learned from his firsthand experiential story.