I think I am a feeler. I take my time to have more informal , open and personalized approach. I feel like I take a little more time to know my team who are under my supervision . In the mean time,I am patient and respectfully to my team. For example, I used to work in Dementia and Alzheimer’s unit in LTC. In the first week of my work place,there were many patients who were wandering,pacing, and yelling in the hallway. Most of them kept going to another patient ‘s room. This could cause the patient increasing agitation due to each patient did not like other patients to enter their room. I started to talk to each staff what they thought about this behaviour because staffs spent more time with the patients most of the time. As a result,I learned from the staffs that patients started having this behaviour when sundowning, loud noise ,and personal space. After I learned about patient’s behaviour, I started discussing with the staffs what the best solution to assist the patients to prevent this behaviour happen. Each staff expressed their opinion as per their own experience. There were very helpful for the patients. When we worked as a teamwork, the problem could be solved easily. In conclusion,we came up with the solution that we should able to assist the patients to calm down when agitation happened by offering them the snack/drink, and offered companionship when needed. Redirected the resident to watch TV or distracted them join the activities. Also, having more staffs could help the patient’s needed. Therefore, I believe that the feeler will fit me to work as a leader.