I am doer when it comes communication style. Because of my current role I have to take charge and delegate the staff that I work with because I am the only nurse in charge. Sometimes it can be stressful if you have newer staff that are not quite sure on procedures and processes. It has taken me some time to build my confidence as a nurse but as the years have gone by I am more confident than ever I feel in my practice. One situation that comes to mind is a resident who collapsed on the way to a meal in the hallway and was VSA. I had to take charge, see if the resident was a DNR (resident was full code), rally staff to assist me, start trying to save the person, call 911, by then other residents were around so trying to do “crowd control”. In that particular situation I was a doer and had to think fast and use all of my nursing skills, judgement and communication to effectively help this resident. Sadly the resident ended up passing away in hospital ( did get a pulse back before being taken to hospital).
I reflected back on that situation with my supervisor as I felt there was more I could have done in that situation, and I know there wasn’t. I did everything that was expected of me. I think it is human nature to think about the “what if”, or “maybe I should of done this, or that”, but at the end of the day all we can do is the best we can to our ability.