I absolutely believe in the power of storytelling in nursing practice. Stories offer a variety of benefits in nurse education. This is able to develop a better understanding of certain issue and experience. For example, I will always follow the rights of medication administration before administering to the resident. It will take more time to finish work for each resident because I ensure that I check everything before I administer medication to the resident. In my workplace, we use eMar to allow staffs to review or add documentation during or after administration. When residents have the new order for decrease/increase or discontinue the medication, sometime the pervious nurse forget to remove or apply the sticker on the package of medication to remind the next nurse to be aware of changing in the new order. Luckily, I always check the medication and resident’s chart before administration. This will assist me to notice changing of medication for each shift. If I do not follow the rights of medication administration or resident ‘s chart, I might give the resident wrong medication. This will lead to medication ‘s error. Therefore, this storytelling remind me to pay more attention when working as a nurse in my workplace.