I am new to working in a congregate living setting. There are many challenges faced in this environment as clients are often in and out of the facility and not always willing to follow mandates/policies. Going from recent COVID procedures I would say the following applies:

Elimination: Staff to screen independently at home before coming into work. Screening at the entrance of facility with any answers of ‘Yes’ on the screening tool to be denied entry.
Substitution: We use 1 time use items for clients in the dining area – for example, condiment packages, cutlery. These are given to clients at point of use – there is no longer a communal area to gather these items.
Engineering control: There are limits to the number of people gathering in a space (occupancy rates), hand sanitizer is in front of all elevator entrance/exits, clients have private washrooms/sleeping areas (no sharing), EVS cleans high touch areas frequently
Administrative: I have been recently trained in mask fit testing for all staff, Webinars are shared with staff, signs are posted in all high traffic area with reminders for hand hygiene, masking, distancing etc.
PPE: PPE is on site with at least a 2 months supply at all times. Masks are given to clients/staff upon entry. IPAC Lead trained for mask fit testing for proper N95 use. Signage posted for donning/doffing appropriately, waste bins are provided for PPE only, various areas of the facility are well stocked with supplies.