In 2016 I had to opportunity of attending a conference focusing on changing the culture of care in LTC. At this conference I was immediately drawn to the idea of Dedicated Care. I brought back the knowledge I obtained and shared with a fellow RPN who had the same passion as I did wanting to bring positive change to the LTC home we worked at. We brought this proposal to our leadership team and were shot down. We were persistent though and went back again with a more clear plan outlining the pros/cons as well as a plan of action and were given the greenlight to enact this change. In looking at the decision making model I can see where it clearly aligns with the process we took (on our 2nd approach) when deciding to push for this change vs stick with the status quo. I feel like this model would have helped us present our thoughts more clearly and likely would have resulted in our leadership understanding why we wanted to enact this change on our 1st approach had we used it at that time.