The biggest impact on me as a nurse is when I was doing my hours and I had, in my opinion, the worst preceptor. I went back to college when I was a very mature adult, and I am a very strong, confident woman, but I was torn down to pieces one day at a time by this professional who was supposed to mentor and help me gain the skills, confidence, knowledge I would need to be a successful nurse. I would come home everyday crying ( I was 50 years old). She wanted the college to fail me and have me do the program again? They didn’t, and I finished the course and immediately got a job in LTC where I have, for the last 10 years thrived, not only as a nurse, but a mentor, friend, peer, leader, fierce advocate for not only my resident’s but my staff. That experience affected me greatly as a nurse. I have since had the honor to be a preceptor a few times, and I relay my experience with them and let them know how very honored I am that I have the opportunity to mentor and guide them. I vowed I would never be one of those nurses who “eat their young”, but embrace the opportunity to learn with a gentle guided hand. Lot’s of conversations and stories are shared throughout the preceptorship. Nursing is an ever changing life long learning adventure.