I have been trying to reply to message but unable to? I want to comment of Tonia’s post about ” laying eyes on a resident prior to report”. This too has happened to me. I realize resident’s can pass in a moment and it can be missed, but it is so important for the shift nurse to lay eyes on their resident’s. Thought I work in LTC and most death’s are ” expected” given their age, we do have the “unexpected, expected death”.
Resident’s status can turn on a dime but laying eyes on them prior to shift can give one the opportunity to change outcomes. I walk up and down my hallways several times daily and have, on more than one occasion, looked in a room and just noted “something is off” with my resident and I investigate. We are all tired at the end of our shift, and we are so so busy, but that one small step may make a difference in someone’s outcome. Prudency