In my previous role, I once came onto shift on Monday morning after a weekend off and was due to meet new residents that had moved into the home over the weekend (married couple). During shift report, I had learned that the weekend care team had run into a few obstacles with providing care for one of the residents (the husband) and that the level of care that he required was much higher that what was outlined in the care plan that was created by our Manager prior to this resident’s move in. With limited knowledge of this resident’s baseline health status and care needs, and overall wellness other than what I also reviewed in his admission paperwork and Care plan (they required assistance with medications and morning care), I went to meet the couple and immediately felt something was wrong with the resident in question (husband). I spoke to the wife and about her move in process, and then also assisted her husband with his morning care and tried to have a similar conversation with him but noticed he was not able to articulate full sentences, having difficulty bearing weight on both bottom extremities, was not oriented to place or time, lethargic, and seemed generally unwell. Because this was my first meeting with the resident I asked the resident’s wife if their orientation was normal for patient and they stated yes that this was very normal for the patient. Because this however was not the status of cognitive function that was reflected in the care plan, and feeling there was something else going on, I gathered my vitals kit and took the resident’s vitals and noted a fever. At this point, I notified the resident’s wife of the signs and symptoms I was noting of a possible UTI and delirium but the resident’s wife insisted that the resident was fine. At that point, I left the room once safe for the resident, and called the resident’s POA (daughter) and explained what I had noted and the POA was in agreement to send the resident to the hospital. It had turned out that the patient did have a UTI and subsequent delirium, and unfortunately, the resident also had a fall in hospital that they did not recover from and passed away in hospital. Had I just believed that this was the resident’s baseline health status and functional ability, I could’ve just utilized the Wellness team PSWs to implement more care for the resident in order for the resident to be cared for that morning as the weekend Care team had, but I had a gut feeling that there was more to this issue and thought about previous situations where patients have presented similar symptoms and what the outcome was. The patient would be at a very high risk of falls and subsequent injury, and this could also be a safety risk to the resident’s wife as well as they lived in the same suite. I was glad to have advocated for what I suspected in that situation and in trying to get the resident immediate emergency assistance as well.