Hi Jen,
That is great example. Your story reminds me one of the resident at LTC where I used to work. This resident had high dose of risperidone due to she had physicallly aggressive. After a few days,resident started having falling incident for several time in two days. Therefore, I observed the residen’s routine. Resident felt asleep in the morning , and started wandering in the evening. Before resident started having physically aggressive,she would yelling and got upset when co-resident did not response to her. Then, I found out that resident had high dose of risperidone at bedtime. Also, resident had no risperidone during the day. Therefore , I called the doctor, and reported to him what happened to the resident. The doctor decreased the dose of risperidone in bedtime, and ordered small dose during the day. As a result, resident was calm, and relaxing most of the day. Moreover, resident decreased falling incident , and physically aggressive. Therefore, critical thinking is very important to work as a nurse. To use critical thinking in nursing practice, I have to collect residen’s information , and using this data to identify problem. Then, I will find the intervention in order to assist the resident’s behaviour.Therefore , I will evaluate the problem if resident decrease risk of falling incident.