I think I am a feeler and a thinker. It sounds like a little bit contradictory. I care about other peolpe’s feelings very much. I would like to spend time talking to people. Sometimes, I am quite sensitive. I hope I can establish good relationship with all my coworkers. I am a very active listener, and open to different perspectives. For a long time, I feel it is hard for me to say “no” when my colleagues ask me for help. Sometimes, it makes me feel anxious and burnout. On the other hand, I am also a thinker, I like be prepared before I start doing things. I like focusing on details and like to ask “why” questions very much. I am good at mathematics and science. I would like to share my ideas with other team members and explain why I think it will work.
I used to work with a coworker who was very experienced and seemed really serious at first. I felt a little bit intimidated while being with her at first. However, after working with her a few days, I found she was very helpful and supportive. She taught me a lot of her experience and many important things we as nurses need to pay attention to. She was very patient and open to my questions. I felt lucky to work with her. It was a great experience.