I definitely agree that nurses learn from storytelling. When I just got hired on the oncology unit, I remember a story that was told and it touch me every single time I think about it. It involved a lady who was recently diagnosed with cancer and her prognosis was only days to live. She had a daughter that was engaged and patient wanted to be apart of the wedding. She shared her concerns to the nurse who went to her team and they all come up with the idea to have a small ceremony on the patio of the hospital in order for the patient to attend. The entire team did everything to gave this patient her final wish and shorty after the wedding she comfortable passed away. This made me very proud to be apart of this team. This story has taught me within our profession as nurses we take on many roles such as friend and sometime family. In this moment the team became almost like family to help make the patient’s finale moments on earth a good one. This story inspired me to be the nurse that goes beyond to make patients happy.