One of the most difficult roadblocks over the last 2 years in the pandemic have revolved around visiting. Thankfully we have always been able to have at least 2 essential visitors at the bedside as our patients are actively dying.

However, our current policy still restricts any individual under the age of 18 years. This has proven to very challenging as grandchildren or even young children are faced with this barrier. One of the decisions I have made recently was to allow a grandchild to visit their dying grandmother at the bedside. Again, the decision was not made lightly and it was a collaborative effort amongst the team. We examined the bigger picture and looked at our patients condition and allowed a one time visit. This precedent is something that we all now follow when families ask us about special visiting circumstances. We have developed an algorithm on how to assess and to call the coordinator in each case so that it can be reviewed and a decision is made in the best interest of the patient