Recently, I believe I used critical thinking skills in my practice. I’ve had a resident who has been lethargic and drowsy lately. We believe she may have suffered a stroke. This resident has scheduled Trazodone at 1630. My shift starts at 1430h and lately she is always sleeping at the time I come in and often sleeps through dinner time and staff have to awaken her at 1800h. I held her 1630h Trazodone as she was not only sleeping but has been drowsy for sometime now, Aside from treating depression, Trazodone causes one to sleep. I went on to inform my RN to update the MD on the resident’s current status and the MD officially held her 1630 Trazodone. I found resident to be more alert than before. She remains sleeping at my shift start but is easily wakened by dinner. Yesterday, she was awake and alert in the dining room having dinner, smiling at staff and even ambulating with her walker. staff still continued to walk with her but she did not need a wheelchair for ambulation anymore. Lack of critical thinking skills may have worsened the resident’s state.