I must admit that there were instances that i have overlooked proper IPAC practices.
One thing that i can cite as an example is the simple proper donning and doffing. In a hurry to attend to my patient’s needs , whatever we have readily accessible in the PPE cart is what I tend to grab and put on first.
For doffing, i observed the placement of the trash can be a factor too. In some cases, this is moved around in the patients room and by the time i am are at the door and have taken my gloves off, i find that it is beside the patient. This would require me to move the the trash can by the entrance and sometime would have to use my old gloves or push ti with your feet.=)
We have started putting on signs of proper donning and doffing on the patients door . This has been very useful and a good reminder tool.
Another thing that i could add is organizing our PPE cart in a way that it would promote easy access to PPE’s and right sequence. Designated areas for certain things, i.e trash can/ PPE cart would be helpful as well.