I definitely can reflect on the situations in home care and in retirement environments when routine precautions are challenging. In homecare it was a learning curve to not only audit staff but to teach our patients that precautions were for everyone’s safety at the beginning of the pandemic. Homes where hand washing was done primarily at the beginning of the visit and not before care and after care set a bigger teaching curve for staff.
I think that having hand sanitizer as part of the admission supply for patients could help with this. Similar to having sanitizers visible for staff and visitors accessibility and visual reminders prompt the use of sanitizer.
In the office I know I was lax with this same task moving between cubicles and offices. we wore eye protection and masks from the start and those became very much like getting dressed each day. Sanitizer while moving and focusing on tasks is much more of a task.
I would like to see signage remain and hand sanitizers present outside of offices, cubicles, patient areas, etc. I think prompting with a variety of cues and reminders can break us of our learned routines.