Reply to Xiyu, I agree with you that honesty is a very important leadership attribute. In my role as manager on my unit, one of my greatest accomplishments with my team is they trust me because I am honest with them always. When the realization that the pandemic was actually happening and the potential to not only affect our resident’s but us as individuals. We all have loved ones, and one particular team member has a husband who is very fragile. She was terrified she would bring Covid home to him. We were all scared, but she trusted me when I assured her we were going to be OK. I too was terrified but she needed that support and she trusted me. I assured her our management team was doing everything possible to keep ALL of us safe and as long as we follow the guidelines it was going to be OK. I have stated on more than one occasion since the beginning of Covid, that I am so thankful to work in the facility that I do because our owner and managers truly went the extra mile to make sure everyone was supported and safe in the throws of a very frightening situation.